Sunday, April 12

My Beloved

I realize this blog has had an altogether lack of chagrin (or anything else at all) despite being killed by the ladies. Suffice to say Celine Dion could be singing that horrid song involving the mouse and bird and her scary nose, as, contrary to what this chap (and others) would have to say, I am still very much alive. I am also very upset that so many of you have password-protected your damn blogs. I want the damn password damnit. Or invite. Whatever. Damnit.

Speaking of mice, I have a new toy, a very sexy little item by the name of M570RU-U which reeks of awesome. For those so inclined, T9300 Core2Duo 2.5ghz, 4GB ram, 512MB nVidia 9800m gts, 17" wuxga (1920x1200) screen, and Blu-Ray. Wheeee!

I won't promise to update again very soon, as there's always a chance I just won't get around to it. Now I'm not busy, and I'm not gleefully unemployed, I'm just unemployed, and quite tired of it.
(Consider this a subliminal message. PLEASE FIND ME A JOB!) I'm also quite tired of being away from a certain lady, and no, that lady isn't my favorite-est city in the whole wide India (Bombay for those of you that missed the post that sat up here for eight months), but she is in said favorite-est city. Now let's all say it together and get it out of our systems, Awwwwwwww, Reno's in lowe.

This lovely lady I'm very much in love with happens to be a good foot shorter than me, (so all those lambu-ji jokes this chick made may be brought around again) and a rather promising two years older than me (compared to my track record of five-ish) and may it be mentioned, she's rather dashing. Very much so. She's been a hit with the family, including the sister who up until now has been inclined to possess nothing but pure liquid hate for any and all of the last dozen(s), and with all the friends who've encountered her (I won't say much about hearing her voice, as she didn't use it too much around the aforementioned sister) who've consistently had something to say about the sheer unadulterated happy that's been dancing its way across my features and overlong gait. I also got on rather well with her folks and received an invite over my upcoming trip down to cook in their kitchen. I got around to meeting them last Feb when I went down to spend our birthdays together (hers is two days after mine).

Now this lovely lady is very lovable. I love her, and so should you. I mean not as much as I do, and not in the ways I express it to her either, but she's very very lovable. So love her for loving me. Also, the presence of this lovely lady has introduced an immense sense of urgency to find myself a job in my favorite-est city as she lives there and while visiting or being visited by her for a week every couple weeks while unemployed is fun, I suppose it would be even better while I had a way to earn my keep as I'd definitely be in the same city for a longer period of time.

Right then, I'm here, and I will write again, just not immediately. Or maybe I will write immediately. Only one way to find out. I'll also be in Bombay for a little over a week at the end of this month, so Bombay crowd, help me find a job, Pwease. The lovely lady and I will be very grateful, and we'll be happy to share some of the buffets we love so much with you. Including one where they have all these awesome dips and stuff.

Oh and those of you with invite-only blogs. I want in. Sniff.


Perakath said...

What about your little car?!

wiseling said...
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wiseling said...

I really have nothing fancy to say. I love you. That's all.

Mystique said...

and oh yeah, I'll want one of those buffets (or at least a long overdue coffee) when we're both in the bloody city at the same time. (and this time mom will not say a word.)

@ wiseling: hello. you and reno. damn sweet. congrats and all.

wiseling said...

@Mystique: Why, thankyou. :)

Vidya said...

I need to start writing (publicly) again. I'd show you my private blog, but it's so full of whining and self-pity that you'd want to come to NJ and kick me. So I won't.

Yay! Sad that you didn't get a Mac afterall..but your laptop does look gorgeous. I hope you're having fun with it :)

I need a job too :( Hopefully. And hooopefully I can stop by in Bombay before I reach Thailand and meet you and your sexy lady.

(Awww, my K's in lowe!)

Me thinks she's far sexier than you :P

In all seriousness, the two of you are adorable together, and I'm glad that you've found someone to love :) Best of luck with the job hunting, dearest.

Silvara said...

- you're back and then I read more and it changed to being all awwww...

Good to have u back though :)

chandni said...


we need to meet and we need to talk.

glad the place is up and running again :)

Doppelganger said...

Sorry Reno but I love her!

Serendipity said...

how cute!!

Congratulations bees in order.

Its so random, I feel this strange glee when pseudo macho men publicly admit love for a woman :D

I love Lucy said...

Awwww :) You are so in love!
A post after so long and that too where you profess your "feelings"!
Nice...might nice! :) *hugs*

Keshi said...

WB Reno!

r ya in love? *pukes* ;-)

Sweet post!


Renovatio said...

Say hello to my little friend?

@my beloved wiselet
I love you more.

Well the last time you tried to meet me I was on Madh(mud) island, so that wouldn't have worked out anyway.

You're bloody sweet. Like sugar dipped in honey rolled in powdered sugar and deep fried in maple syrup.

Okay, not that diabetic-ly sweet, but what you wrote was very sweet.

It's good to be back writing here, feels like coming home to family. But good family mind you, I hate everyone not in my immediate family who still shares my blood with a passion.

We'll see when that actually happens, neighbor. You still owe me those malabari parathas.

@doppelganger (not so anony anymore now, are we?)
Too bad. You can try making these claims when I'm down next week.

I don't know how to feel about being called pseudo macho.

So so SO in love :D

I'm sorry love, I just don't do distance well. What with you in Australia and me here and all, it would've been disastrous.

Good to hear from you :p

wiseling said...

This is not a competition. And I love you most.

??! said...

Oh my goodness! The font just got smaller and more headache-inducing - and that was a possibility I'd thought unattainable.

Need I say? Welcome back.

Also, you and Wiseling:
Get a room, or put up pictures. We don't believe all these declamations without visual proof.

Reeta Skeeter said...

Oi! Someone's been writing again..even if it is for this 1 post till another 1000 moons pass by...
nicey posty...
may you get your sexy shiny job and the passwords soon :P

Espèra said...

Whoa! Awesome going!
Just the fact that Wiseling's a blogger makes her more lovable. That is not to say I have anything against non-bloggers. :|

Reno, welcome back too.
We'll want more of *such* posts. And pictures (yay ??!) too.

VidyaVidyaVidya said...

*Feels special because she's seen the proof*

Okay, I'm done.


scout said...

aww you kids. you make me feel so old!

taurius1 said...

Trade laptop for a job? :D

wiseling said...

I love you.

Renovatio said...

@my beloved wiselet
Lies. It's well established fact that my love for you far exceeds your love for me. Nyeah.

@the expletives
Nuh uh, font's the same size, I just stretched out the blog as a whole. It's more widescreen friendly now. I wasn't happy with tiny narrow strip of blog surrounded by black background.

You want pictures, ask the missus.

@reeta skeeter
Sexy shiny job indeed. Let's hope something comes of it.

Indeed, I leave three buttons open. It's come to the point where I feel claustrophobic if I close one when I meet someone's conservative parents.

Now calm down there chuckles. Let's not get these unfortunates who don't have me on numerous IM clients upset. ;P

I'm still upset with you. Five months! And then you get upset with me when I'm out for part of the measly week and a half you're here. Hmph. Hmph and sauerkraut.

You harridan! How can you suggest such a thing!

@my beloved wiselet
Refer to the above reply.

And the one to follow: I love you more.

Serendipity said...

Damn. This is REALLY cute.

I want to get A to blog. and write about hommuh he loves me and link me and all that. {sniff}

utopia said...

i like this " bolt from the blue and we are back" act. yes i like it. ain't we glad that we are gonna be having your funny poignant posts again??? are we? or are we gonna do a vanishing act again? :p

Keshi said...



Anonymous said...

Been there, done that.
Hope it lasts for you.

Sirop said...

Wow! I guess congratulations are in order... so happy to you two... :)

Jade said...

Awwww mate that is soooo touching, you write about your true love.....

You must be the the cutest guy in the world (no need to worry wiseling)
Are you for real?

And mate please come back, Steve and I miss you dear :D

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Renovatio said...

Do it do it do it, we need to see more happy couples writing here.

I'm here. For a while. I hope.

Oh you laugh now, but I remember how it was before.

Thanks a ton Optimist Maximus

You bet. Now go read her. She writes awesome. Someone even said they weren't surprised how much I love her judging by how she writes :p

Yes yes, cutest guy of them all, which is why I got strawberry candycane, yes? Matches my cute complexion and all.

I'll consider returning :p

@future mantra
The dish ran away from the spoon. Go fetch!

CrazyDiamond said...


ira said...

Got the other hand working yet??
Loved Whimsical Wiseling.. she writes very well..

Australis said...

I'm just playing catch up with all the blogs, and awwwwww. :P

wiseling said...

@ira: zankyou :D