Saturday, February 16


I've been busy in a way that defies all norms and customs. My bloggiepoo also turned one yesterday. To make up for my absence recently, and the absence that is to follow, allow me to leave you with an image of the most adorable thing in the world.

There's this gorgeous female dog who's just had a pup. I'll assume the rest died of the cold(not so aww-worthy), but she's got this one handsome little pup following her around, I get the feeling a slobbery lab had his way with her at some point in the recent past. Now this female's quite the drama queen. Whenever she sees me, she'll come running over and start whining, more so when I'm walking my dog. Last night, she came over to me with a paw in the air, but knowing her, I couldn't be certain as to whether she had actually gotten hurt or was just trying to get some attention. She was sitting a little distance away with her right paw up, and her handsome little critter was curled up in a ball, fast asleep under a bush. My idiot of a dog went running over to examine the pup, who haughtily stood up, jumped back a few steps, looked at mommy, and then sat down and put his right paw up (Cue the awwws).

I'll take a few days to get around to my next post, but I'll leave you with a little teaser of what to expect .