Monday, April 23

Superficial butterfly

There are times when the lips of fate part and bite you in the ass, and there are times when they pucker up and leave a wet one. Unfortunately, there's much more biting. Much more biting pointed at me, and much more biting pointed at the people around me. There are times when you've gone through yet another sleepless night, only to wake up and realize that life just isn't going the way it was a few months ago. Then there are times when you need to step up to the plate and change something.
At this point, I find myself against a wall. A step taken went awry, and when the chance presents itself, there will be much explaining to do. A long drawn out issue may find some form of resolution, though knowing those kismet-ic chops, I'm not too hopeful. Either way, of the two urges I currently have, to finally shave or to cook, I'm going to go with the former.
I just have a good feeling about it.