Wednesday, April 22

As was commanded

This is a measure of how whipped I am. I tag everyone. Everyone who ever was, is, and ever will be. Now do it, all of you. You too. Nao.

- Available: Nope
- Age: 20
- Annoyance: Too much salt.
- Animal: Woof woof.

- Beer: Guiness, Hoegaarden, Bomber.
- Birthday/Birthplace: February 4th/ Dehradun
- Body Part on opposite sex: Eyes
- Best feeling in the world: She said: 'sleeping in your lover's arms'. I concur.
- Blind or Deaf: Whadahell.
- Best weather: Sunny but cloudy and breezy.
- Been in Love: Constantly.
- Been on stage?: Often.
- Believe in yourself?: Hell yes.
- Believe in life on other planets: Of course. We came from somewhere.
- Believe in miracles: Most recent one.
- Believe in Magic: The corny, lovey-dovey kind, hell yes.
- Believe in God: If only to kick his ass.

- Car: Aurelia
- Candy: Dark chocolate.
- Color: blue, green. blue-green.
- Cried in school: Nope
- Chocolate/Vanilla: Vanilla frosting, on chocolate cake. Lemon icing on vanilla cake.
- Country to visit: Greece, Italy, Egypt.

- Day or Night: Day.
- Danced: You don't want to see me even try.
- Dance in the rain?: The time there was hailstones the size of golfballs, I did prance about to not get walloped.
- Do the splits?: Never

- Eggs: Fluffy cheesy egg white omelette.
- Eyes: Mine? or what I like? My beloved's are Bottomless.
- Everyone has: Something to whine about.

- First crush: Hahaha. A while ago :D
- First thoughts waking up: Usually drowned out by my mother screaming about something or the other.
- Food: Don't you want my recipes. They're coming. This chap demanded I share.
- Greatest Fear: Failure.
- Giver or taker: Narcissistic question.
- Goals: A couple.
- Get along with your parents?: Sometimes

- Hair Colour: Black in the summers, browner in the winters.
- Height: 6'3''-ish.
- Happy: Perpetually
- How do you want to die: Whadahell
- Health freak?: Sporradically but religiously while at it.
- Hate: Deplorable, detestable concept.

- Ice Cream: Homemade butterscotch.
- Instrument: Clarinet.

- Jewelry: My little earring on the upper fleshy part of my ear.
- Job: Looking for one. Please help me find one?

- Kids: Hate the bastards.
- Kickboxing or karate: Kickboxing.
- Keep a journal?: This?

- Love: Mine.
- Laughed so hard you cried: Nope
- Love at first sight: Living proof.

- Mooned anyone?: Nope.
- Marriage: No reason not to.
- Motion sickness?: No, though the buggy sequence in HL2 made me very nauseous for some reason.

- Number of Siblings: 1
- Number of Piercings: 1

- One wish: For Maruti to manufacture the Zen again.

- Place you'd like to live: Bombay
- Perfect Pizza: Homemade marinara, 1:4 Gouda:Mozarella, Onions, chopped black and green olives cooked in olive oil, capers, bell peppers, fresh basil, cherry tomatoes.
- Pepsi/Coke: Coke.

- Questionaires: She made me do it.

- Reason to cry: Only once recently.
- Reality T.V.: Hahahahahahahhahahahaha. Most fun behind the teleprompter.
- Roll your tongue in a circle: Like, sexily? Hawjikipawji.

- Song: current favorite - Carry on Wayward Son by Kansas
- Shoe size: 13
- Slept outside: Often as a kid.
- Seen a dead body? A few, unfortunately.
- Smoked?: Never. Not even a puff.
- Skinny dipped?: Nope
- Shower daily?: Yep. For the hair if nothing else.
- Sing well?: Nope.
- In the shower?: Occasionally
- Swear?: Wait, do I swear in the shower?
- Stuffed Animals?: I am a stuffed animal. Can't you tell?
- Single/Group dates: Party for two.
- Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberries. And cream. And chocolate. And, not telling.
- Scientists need to invent: A time freezing thingie. Just because. Okay fine, because I want more time to do stuff and I know if I sleep too late I won't wake up on time and my already excellent sleep routine will get even more excellent.

- Time for bed: Bed time's when you say it is. Nyeah.
- Thunderstorms: Lightning rod?
- TV: Scrubs, South Park, 30 Rock, Coupling
- Touch your tongue to your nose: Nope.

- Unpredictable: It's what makes the world go round.

- Vegetable you hate: Karela, Bhindi, Baingan, Shalgam, Arabi. I wanted to share their Hindi names to make you all relive all your childhood horror stories.
- Vegetable you love: Tomatoes. Not raw, but from a culinary perspective, there's so damn much you can do with them.
- Vacation spot: Between the sheets. (Get your minds collectively out of the gutter)

- Weakness: It starts with a W
- When you grow up: Open a restaurant :D
- Worst feeling: Not feeling at all when someone dear dies.
- Wanted to be a model?: Let me tell you, you don't.
- Where do we go when we die: Dominos.
- Worst weather: Floody rain.

-X-Rays: I have this awesome one of my mouth open, which I'll try to find in my old phone, and I have this awesome one of my spine. I'll also try and take a decent picture of the one I recently had taken of my ankle, with a chunk of floating bone.

-Year it is now: 2009
- Yellow: Not enough water consumed.

- Zoo animal: White tiger
- Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Sunday, April 12

My Beloved

I realize this blog has had an altogether lack of chagrin (or anything else at all) despite being killed by the ladies. Suffice to say Celine Dion could be singing that horrid song involving the mouse and bird and her scary nose, as, contrary to what this chap (and others) would have to say, I am still very much alive. I am also very upset that so many of you have password-protected your damn blogs. I want the damn password damnit. Or invite. Whatever. Damnit.

Speaking of mice, I have a new toy, a very sexy little item by the name of M570RU-U which reeks of awesome. For those so inclined, T9300 Core2Duo 2.5ghz, 4GB ram, 512MB nVidia 9800m gts, 17" wuxga (1920x1200) screen, and Blu-Ray. Wheeee!

I won't promise to update again very soon, as there's always a chance I just won't get around to it. Now I'm not busy, and I'm not gleefully unemployed, I'm just unemployed, and quite tired of it.
(Consider this a subliminal message. PLEASE FIND ME A JOB!) I'm also quite tired of being away from a certain lady, and no, that lady isn't my favorite-est city in the whole wide India (Bombay for those of you that missed the post that sat up here for eight months), but she is in said favorite-est city. Now let's all say it together and get it out of our systems, Awwwwwwww, Reno's in lowe.

This lovely lady I'm very much in love with happens to be a good foot shorter than me, (so all those lambu-ji jokes this chick made may be brought around again) and a rather promising two years older than me (compared to my track record of five-ish) and may it be mentioned, she's rather dashing. Very much so. She's been a hit with the family, including the sister who up until now has been inclined to possess nothing but pure liquid hate for any and all of the last dozen(s), and with all the friends who've encountered her (I won't say much about hearing her voice, as she didn't use it too much around the aforementioned sister) who've consistently had something to say about the sheer unadulterated happy that's been dancing its way across my features and overlong gait. I also got on rather well with her folks and received an invite over my upcoming trip down to cook in their kitchen. I got around to meeting them last Feb when I went down to spend our birthdays together (hers is two days after mine).

Now this lovely lady is very lovable. I love her, and so should you. I mean not as much as I do, and not in the ways I express it to her either, but she's very very lovable. So love her for loving me. Also, the presence of this lovely lady has introduced an immense sense of urgency to find myself a job in my favorite-est city as she lives there and while visiting or being visited by her for a week every couple weeks while unemployed is fun, I suppose it would be even better while I had a way to earn my keep as I'd definitely be in the same city for a longer period of time.

Right then, I'm here, and I will write again, just not immediately. Or maybe I will write immediately. Only one way to find out. I'll also be in Bombay for a little over a week at the end of this month, so Bombay crowd, help me find a job, Pwease. The lovely lady and I will be very grateful, and we'll be happy to share some of the buffets we love so much with you. Including one where they have all these awesome dips and stuff.

Oh and those of you with invite-only blogs. I want in. Sniff.